Forget spreadsheets and clunky databases that are difficult to manage. Water Desk’s suite of custom-made solutions for the water, ice, and coffee dealers are changing the game. Water Desk is a fully integrated cloud-based ERP platform that is simple to use and available anywhere.

Sales professionals are the true explorers of your company. Service professionals are your ground control. Together, they cover unchartered territories, make new discoveries, and are fearless in their pursuit of taking the company even further. But they can’t complete that mission without the right system in place.


Your sales professionals have a lot to manage. Email, meetings, phone calls, prospects, and analytics are just a handful of the daily responsibilities of the average sales rep. Water Desk serves as the proverbial “Houston” to sales professionals, keeping them organized and at peak productivity.

Your service professionals have repair tickets, maintenance orders, and installs to manage day-to-day.  Water Desk keeps all the machine data in one convenient location for easy ticket tracking and maintenance notes so you know what is being done in the field to keep your customers in tip-top working shape.

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Everything you need to build better customer relationships is right inside of Water Desk. Put the treasure trove of customer data you’ve been creating to use.


Why have several different systems when you can integrate all of your business needs into one simple-to-use Water Desk platform designed specifically for the water, ice, and coffee industry?

Yeah, we didn’t think you could answer that…

Check Out These Capabilites:

  • Fully functional CRM

  • Schedule and track meetings and calls

  • Assign service work orders

  • Keep employee timesheets

  • Store company documents and rental agreements

  • Send invoices and collect payments

  • And so much more!

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Dealers switch to Water Desk when they want to keep customers for life.

Water Desk provides timely insights into the hands of the right people, at the right time. So whether there is a sales call to follow up on or a service ticket that needs attention, Water Desk has your back – right at your fingertips.

Water Desk is a custom-made ERP specifically designed for the water, ice, and coffee dealer.  The founders of Water Desk spent years as water, ice, and coffee dealers themselves and just couldn’t make already available tools work for our niche market.  So, we built one from the ground up.  Water Desk is ever-growing and we are adding new capabilities all the time.

Water Desk is a cloud-based ERP system where your data is always backed up and always up-to-date.  And the best part?  It’s always available wherever you are from any browser on any device. Store as much or as little data as you need to streamline your water, ice, and coffee business with Water Desk.

Water Desk keeps track of where your water coolers, ice machines, and coffee brewers are – whether they are in your warehouse or installed out in the field.  Track your inventory by customer, by map, or by zip code.  You can run service reports and plan preventative maintenance schedules quickly and easily.  In addition to managing your coolers and machines, you can also manage inventory for service parts.

Water Desk is built by us so the limitations are almost non-existent!  Water Desk integrates with many systems already on the market and we are constantly working on additional ones – all designed to make your job easier! Do you regularly use a system that you’d like to share data across an API with Water Desk?  Just ask – we can likely build an integration suitable for all your needs.

Generate invoices for your customers on the fly right inside of Water Desk. Invoices and payments are attached right to their customer account so you never have to leave the ERP to get business done.


Yes, with integration, anytime you add an appointment to Water Desk the event will be added to your Outlook calendar.

Yes, Commissions are available in the Opportunities tab.

Yes, you can customize what your users have access to in the Water Desk Admin area.

Yes, Water Desk maps territories using Google Maps.

Yes, Water Desk has a Companies tab for all customer information and an additional Contacts tab to link individuals to a Company.

Yes, Water Desk integrates with QuickBooks Online to issue invoices.

Yes, inventory is tracked in the Equipment tab.

Yes, service history is tracked in the Equipment tab.

Yes, Water Desk generates service technician routes using Google Maps.

Yes, rental agreements are stored in the Contracts tab.

Yes, time sheets are stored in the Time Sheets tab.

Yes, automatic emails can be generated through multiple tabs, depending on the department.

Yes, Water Desk supports exporting data to multiple file formats.

Yes, Water Desk supports importing data from multiple file formats.

Yes, Water Desk automatically generates a report card.

Yes, Water Desk supports a wide variety of customization options on a customer by customer basis.


We get it. We’ve been where you are, which is why we built Water Desk. There just wasn’t a pre-built platform that fit the needs of the water, ice, and coffee dealer. So, we built one from the ground up. Want to give it a try? Fill the form out below and let’s “take-off”!

Meet the Team

Water Desk houses several developers and database architects, but we can’t get them in front of the camera. So, we will let them stay busy making Water Desk great for you and introduce you to our management team. They’re not shy.

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